Sunday, September 05, 2010

Life without Jean Paul -Nix on the Coffee Pub

Here is our first email from a regular JP customer trying to find a descent coffee in town.

Yesterday (Saturday the 4th - the first day of withdrawal from JP's good coffee) Judi & I tried the coffee at the Coffee Pub located next to the Post-Office in LB. We got medium lattes but Judi asked for Soy instead of milk. I asked for low fat milk. We also got an oatmeal cookie. I gave the girl a Ten and got a smile but no change - she told me to sit down and she would bring us our coffee. I asked her how she would know where we were sitting & she replied that we were the only couple that had the same style mustache, big nose and glasses in the Pub (We suspect we were the 1st JP fans that visited that Pub on Saturday). After a long time (we actually finished our cookie) we got our coffee, with Judi supposedly getting the Soy version - However, both lattes tasted like soapy hot Dishwater and after a short while we concluded that I had the unrecognizable Soy and Judi had my order.
After switching cups we also concluded we must have had either gotten the B-Crew making coffee for that day or they just didn't want JP's customers in their place. Either way we are crossing the Coffee Pub off of the list of potential supporters for JP coffee addicts. Let us know if you had any better luck and maybe we should start a list to advise other JP fans of what to watch out for.

Note: from Photoman.... we had breakfast at Nicks which seened okay... except I ended up with Stomach Cramps all day.... Bummer!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We think this information is helpful in sorting out the "real coffee" drinkers from the pansey "want to be's" that slide along on synthetic weak coffee with no kick.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I've heard from anonymous sources that the little bakery (don't know the name but I believe the owners name is Ron), that is next to French 75, has good coffee and wonderful pastries. But you didn't hear it from me !

8:27 PM  

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